Recent Works

Tomcav AV Cabinet and End Tables
Jack & Dave's Cherry Sideboard with Bookmatched Walnut Door Panels
Tennis - Reclaimed Pine Step Up
Tennis Sink
Tennis - Reclaimed Pine Stairs
The Myers Kitchen - Full
The Myers Kitchen - Inside
The Myers Kitchen - Plate Rack
Rung Bed
Heisman Bed
Folk Kitchen
Folk Kitchen - Hutch
Folk Kitchen

Kensington Benches!

Porter Dog approved benches
3 person bench Black-$1350.00
3 person bench Red-$1350.00
2 person bench Orange-$900.00
2 person bench Natural-$900.00
Single person bench Red-$500.00
Single person bench Black-$500.00

Cabinetry & Interior Woodwork

Faith's Sideboard & Shelves
Curved Cherry Bar & Bookcase Built-in
The Rung-Kauffman Kitchen 2
The Rung-Kauffman Kitchen
The Rung-Kauffman Kitchen 3
Marge & Michael's Bathroom Built-In
Bathroom Vanity Opened
Cherry Kitchen Hutch with Curly Maple Counter
Abby & Frank's Reclaimed Oak Corner Cabinet
Cherry Stepback Hutch Built-in
Reclaimed Pine Joist Wall Unit
Tennis - Reclaimed Pine Stairs
8 Drawer Dark Oak Vanity and Mirrors
Modern Cherry Vanity
Bathroom Vanity
Walnut Vanity with Bookmatched Panels
Custom Walnut Desk, Shelving, Couch, and Radiator Cover
Curved Walnut Drawer and Curly Maple Bowties
Folk Kitchen
Folk Kitchen - Hutch
Folk Kitchen
The Boscamp Kitchen
Cherry and Curly Maple Kitchen
Cherry and Curly Maple Kitchen
Cherry and Curly Maple Island
Cherry Built-In Cabinets
alex's kitchen
alex's concrete counters
Painted Built-In Cabinets with Spalted Maple Seat
Painted Interior Window
Mara's Stairs
Jack & Dave's Bannister and Railing
Ralph Manne Salon Reception Desk and Hutches in Walnut and Curly Maple
Maple Door
Curly Maple Shoji Screen
Hanging Picture Rail
Chandelier with Curly Maple Veneer Shades


Tomcav AV Cabinet
Jack & Dave's Cherry Sideboard with Bookmatched Walnut Door Panels
Faith's Sideboard & Shelves
Low Two-Drawer Cabinet in Reclaimed Pine, Walnut, Spalted Maple
8-Drawer Sideboard with Inlay - $6,250
Cherry Sideboard 72
Cherry Hutch with Birdseye Maple Panels and Walnut Accents
Shaker-Style Curly Maple Stepback Hutch
Cherry 8-Drawer Sideboard $5200.00
Cherry Office Sideboard Open
Cherry and Curly Maple Display Cabinet
Curly Maple and Cherry Entertainment Center
Reclaimed Old Growth Pine and Redwood Bookcase 72
Curly Maple Display Case
Bookcase Cabinet in Cherry and Curly Maple, with Walnut Accents 72
Tapered Cherry and Walnut Server Cabinet 40
White Oak Server with Cherry Pulls 42
Schweb Server in Bookmatched, Reclaimed Pine
Curly Maple Island with Bookmatched Natural Maple Panels and Reclaimed Maple Butcher Block
Golden Oak Entertainment Center
Cherry Corner Cabinet with Bookmatched Spalted Maple Panels
Square Boy Corner Cabinet - $2,500
Cherry and Walnut Display Stand 72


Korba Bed  in Cherry, Maple, and Walnut
Heisman Bed
Rung Bed
Cherry Queen Size Pencil Post Bed
Cherry Bed with Spindle Headboard
Queen Size Painted Cottage Bed

Dining Tables

Cherry and Walnut Dining Set 8'l x 42
8' Cherry Dining Table with Walnut Inlay
Curly Maple and Cherry Dining Table with Cherry Birdcage Windsor Chairs
The Bryan Table in Wire Brushed White Oak
Cherry Desk and Office Chair
Schweb 6' Dining Table in Bookmatched, Reclaimed Pine
Cherry Dining Table with Extensions
Tori Gate Cherry Dining Table 8'l x 36
Walnut Nakashima Dining Set
Walnut Nakashima Dining Set
10' Cherry Dining Table and Cherry Continuous Arm Windsors
Cherry Breakfast Table with Walnut Inlay 4'l x4'w x 30
Breakfast Table in Curly Maple and Walnut
Breakfast Table in Walnut & Curly Maple - $1,500
Craig's Table

Hall Tables

The Slater Table
Maple Server Table with Salvaged Tredle Lathe Base and Walnut Accents $1800.00
Maple, Walnut and Steel Server Table
Nadine's Hall Table in Cherry with Walnut Wedges
Nadine's Hall Table in Cherry with Walnut Wedges
Mahoghany and Curly Maple Server Table 55
Large Cherry Hall Table with Walnut Accents 60
Curved Hall Table in Walnut & Quartersawn Sycamore

Coffee Tables

Port Richmond Table $1250.00
Spalted Maple Slab Coffee Table - $2,200
Dogwood Bench  Cherry, Curly Maple, Walnut
Coffee Table  Walnut & Poplar
Walnut Steel Stool Side Table
The Goldfarb Table
Clark Coffee Table in Walnut
Wrench Coffee Table in Reclaimed Redwood, Pine, Steel
Loich's Table
Reclaimed Pine Minimalist Coffee Table
Jack & Dave's Orange Curly Maple Coffee Table
Walnut Coffee Table with Handmade Bolts

Small Tables

Tomcav End Tables
Small Table with Natural Edge Maple Top and Antique Carvers Base
Teak Porthole End Table
Walnut Steel Stool/Side Table
Curly Maple and Walnut Dovetail Box on Walnut Table
Lightly Distressed Walnut Occasional Table with Parquet Top
Walnut and Curly Maple Side Table
Cherry Side Table with Walnut Accents and Inlay
Side table in cherry and walnut
Cherry and Birdseye Maple Side Table


Japanese Windsor
Side Chair
Side Chair
Single person bench Black-$500.00
Cherry Birdcage Windsor Arm and Side Chair
Walnut Steel Stool Side Table
Walnut Couch with Custom Upholstry
Eileen's Swing with Walnut Slab Seat, Ebonized Oak Arms, and Salvaged Wrenches Supporting Mahoghany Back Slats

Concrete Countertops

Tennis Sink
Tennis Sink
Tennis - Concrete Countertop
The Myers Kitchen - Concrete
Swathmore Kitchen
Swathmore Kitchen Sink
Swathmore Kitchen Server
alex's concrete counters
alex's concrete sink
Narberth Kitchen
Narberth Kitchen Serving Center
The Wiezer Kitchen